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I've been a tranny for some years and to be honest I feel far more at home with my heels & stockings on than any suit and in fact more often then not when I'm in the office I'll have some sexy french knickers on which keeps me in a constant state of arousal

I've never tried dogging before and I was streaming this adult movie that had a couple fucking outdoors at some dogging location got the old little guy jumping LOL and off course I knew all about it dogging but it did get me thinking and as I was lets say in between men right now and I'd just finished with this gay / crossdresser thought why not lets give it a go

So I got changed and rather than putting my favourite frock on thought I'd just put some silk french knickers on with sexy stockings and my long over coat so hopefully I could just open as they say and PLAY.




I had an idea where a dogging location was as I heard some of the other guys in the office going on about it so made a bee line straight for it and once I pulled into the car park I noticed a few other cars parked, so hit the old lights and flashed them a couple of times

I this young guy walked over and I wound the window down and took one look at me and spat at me called me a faggot !!! WELL !!!!! but I knew that could happen which was the reason I didn't want to get out of the car, but then shortly later this other guy walked over and once looked in asked if he could join me in the car

Once in I opened my coat and he took one look at my bulging cock and bent over pulling it out and sucked it straight down!!! the daft thing was I didn't even know his name but the idea of some stranger sucking me off like this got me really turned on and I could see why so many people enjoy dogger and knew after tonight this tranny was going to be doing a lot more dogging.

After a short while he moved is fingers down to my love whole and started playing around gently sliding a finger in and out of me and for me having my arse fingered is one of my biggest turn on's and within a few seconds I came. At first I didn't know if he would pull out or not but not a chance he sucked my DRY !!!!

Afterwards he said he could stay any longer as he needed to get back to his wife but we've arranged to meet up so I can return the favour and as he's a doggers and loves outdoor sex we've arranged to meet same time in the car park again

I'm know converted and love dogging sex

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