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help and tips on using a swinger website!

Looking for a good swingers website? well congratulations you've found one but you knew I was going to say that but to prove my point I've added direct links to all the members personals adverts on the bottom of this page so you can see for yourself just how many members we have

So if your looking for a swingers website you need not look any further and if you read the tips below you'll not fall into the problem some people have when joining a swingers website and not having anyone contact them, after all all you need do is see the profiles and you'll soon see we don't have a sorted of members thats looking to meet with others

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By following these swingers profile personals tips not only will you get loads of members contacting you but you'll enjoy meeting with swingers from all over the place and enjoy using our community

  • member name - try and use one thats easy to remember it will save you having to keep looking it up and others to remember you
  • Profile heading - this is the first thing members see when searching so try and get something across that tells them about yourself and what your after, so something like " Hampshire Couple looking for full swap meets" that not only tells people where you live but the type of contact your after
  • Profile - you'll be amazed how many people submit profiles that have two lines of text and don't tell anyone about what they are looking for. So put some effort into your profile telling people about yourself and what your looking for or NOT and should you have a specific requirement tell members as will save a lot time
  • Photos - photos really make a massive different and a profile with out pics will get a lot less interest, after all ask yourself given the choice of clicking a profile with photos or one without which one would you click
  • Get Involved - We offer chatroom's, forums, blogs in fact just about everything to help you meet with friends and swingers and rather than just viewing the website as a contacts site we prefer swingers community as we have members from all around the world chatting and having fun. So use the chatrooms its a great place to swap ideas and hopefully partners as well

If you follow these basic tips on using the site not only will you get loads of members contacting you but you'll have great fun meeting with others

Posted below is direct links to members profiles although as a member if you wanted to you could also view profiles specific to sex genres like BBW, cuckoldry, BDSM. The profiles below do not include members photos as we do this to protect identities but once a member you'll have full access to all swingers profile pics

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