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My boyfriend and I have been together for some years and we've never really done anything with any other couples ! well that's was until recently when we were away on Holiday in Alicante in Spain.

We got to the hotel and to say the weather was shit would be an understatement I've never seen rain like it and when it rains in Spain all you can do is wait around the hotel till it stops, so to past sometime we lodged onto the internet as my boyfriend brought his laptop along we started surfing around.

Me being me wanted to check out sex sites and thought we see what was going on if you looked for sex website's in Spain - nothing really came up but we saw this one listing for some swingers in Spain and curiosity got the better of me and clicked the results

It was for swinger contacts that were on holiday and wanted to meet up for fun ! and as Pete (my bf) was now asleep on the sofa I clicked the join button to see what these swingers looked like. Once into the site I was pretty shocked at how young & horny they were and after reading some of the profiles it got me really excited so much so that I though why not sign up "just to see what happens" !!




The rain at last stopped and we went out to hit the local bars and grab something to eat and around 11ish came back to the hotel it bit pissed up. Pete wanted to check his email and noticed in his in box a note saying I'd had a reply to my add, which to be honest I'd completely forgotten about - So I told him what I did whilst he was sleeping and showed him the add!!

He looked at my and said "do you want to really try this swinging", yeah sure why not after all we are on holiday and its only a bit of fun!. So we opened the swingers site and lodged into my add. It was a reply from another young couple that were living over here and wanted to meet up for some "Soft Swinging" which sound better than full swinging as for our first time I didn't think either of us wanted that !!

I sent a email back with my mobile number and the next day the girl called Karen and after a brief chat we were getting on so well arranged to meet up later in the afternoon, at first just see how we all get on.

We got to the bar early and set up a couple of drinks and shortly later this very pretty girl walked up to me and said "Hi I'm Karen" - we sat down and all just chatted away like we'd been great friends for years. Then when the drinks started to kick in the subject of swinging & sex contacts came up and they told us the whilst they'd been members for some time had never meet up with anyone and we were their first contacts

To two guys went off to play pool so us girls could have a chat and Karen told me that they had both had a good drink before leaving their apartment and were extremely nervous hence also why first time they wanted soft swaps only. We chatted some more then when the guys came back I suggested we went back to our apparent, which everyone seemed more than up for

We put some music on and Karen's husband (Tom) came up to me and started dancing so Pete did the same with karen and within a few seconds we were all kissing and teasing each other. That rapidly lead into us all being on the floor stripping off!!!

It felt really odd seeing Pete with another women but also very sexy watching him fingering her and I could see from the look on his face he was loving watching Tom do the same to me. But more than anything right now I wanted to be fucked! so moved over so Pete could carry on with me and he knew that I wanted to be fucked so climb on top and Tom over onto Karen and started fucking her.

After a while both the guys came and we all lied on the floor chatting away when Pete moved over towards me and started to finger me again which was all the encouragement Pete needed to play with Karen

After another hour or so we had all had enough & Karen & Tom left not before we arranged to meet up in few days time so we could further carry on with our new swinging friends

When we get back to the UK both of us want to carry on with our swinging lifestyle and I really want to try out a swingers club

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