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Are you interested in swinging but don't really want to join adult contacts website? in that case why not try the next best thing and watch swingers DVDs, although when I say DVD I really mean video as like most I've moved over to watching my porn live online as I want access to swingers videos 247 not just what the postman wants to drop it off

Swingers porn a great way to see what the scene is about!

Swingers videos really do offer a great insight into what happens at parties or even when a couple just swap partners and whilst you do have to expect the fact these are models or in some cases amateur porn stars they are being told what to do, so picking your swingers videos can sometimes takes a little bit of trail and error, but this is where streaming really comes into its own

The reason I say this, if you buy a swingers DVD your stuck with it, where as by streaming a video if you don't like it worst it will have cost you is £3 or if using pay per view then quite possibly a few pence

Streaming does open the door to a mass of great swingers videos and a range of titles thats far better than any adult DVDs website, so check out some of the recent streamed swingers videos below and for the full list just use the link listed on the bottom of the page

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Some recent streamed videos:

  • Kandi Peach Swingers Gangbang - Kandi Peach have been producing quality streaming swinging porn for some years now with their take always been more on the amateur side of porn than anything else and whilst they do offer an interesting into a lifestyle although these vides are produced in the US. The theme where they follow a women back from a swinger club thats wants group sex so invites members of the club back to her hotel room. The opening scenes in the club is good but the hotel stuff is just another group fucking with multiple facials, anal and cunt pounding
  • Swingers Party 12 - Trix Productions take us down their swinging road as we see a group of horny couples that just get down and party in a room, we have a young couple, couple of single girls and a newly wed couple and needless to say no party wouldn't be right without some horny guys. You just have t feel sorry for the camera man or women that has to video all these couples fucking on the floor. Its a good insight into a swingers party and I've attended many like this
  • UK Swinger Confidential - XXX Brits Productions  with producer Johnny Rebel offer some of the best in british swingers porn - The theme is all ways set with couples swapping and the style of production is gonzo ( in other words no storyline) so this is where couple meet up in their homes swap partners and Johnny and his crew video them. This is about as near to true swingers home porn as you get and for anyone considering this lifestyle its a must viewing, either by streaming, downloading or viewing it with PPV

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These are just some recently viewed videos and by far are not the total range of movies you can watch and we have everything from couples swapping, threesomes, cuckoldry & group fucking so make sure you check out whats on offer from these quality swingers DVDS

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