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The UK Swinging or indeed worldwide scene has become so almost mainstream that you here people making reference to swingers often both on the TV & radio but if your looking for REAL swingers advice where do you turn towards after all it may well have lost its taboo status but its still about swapping partners

The scene that has migrated from key parties & where married couples would have wife swapping parties its now opened up to whole new group of sexual aware people including both couples, singles, females, crossdressers and the more fetish type swingers meets

Finding Swingers Advice ?

So are YOU new to swingers scene? are you looking to find out more about the couple that swing and their lifestyle? well before you take the plunge and jump into the naughty world of swinging this page will hopefully be just for you as we will be offering swingers advice and help

We have laid the information out so that newbie swingers can read about the etiquette involved, getting understand the terminology used and hopefully make you feel ready to join up and meet with other swingers with hopefully a bit less embarrassment

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We are in the The photos posted above are Real Swingers members.

  • Meeting with Real swingers - finding the right site to join is not an easy decision so here we consider some options - Meeting swingers
  • Good & bad Swingers clubs - looking to find a good club read what our swingers say about finding a good swingers club
  • Putting up a GREAT swingers personals advert - its not just a case of adding one line, you have to put a little thought into it - placing a good swingers advert

Articles that will be going live shortly

  • Is cuckold sex for you?
  • Where's the best dogging locations
  • Single males and swingers
  • Whats best soft swapping or full swapping
  • Looking to meet with couples only

We will be updating this section with more articles to help both new and existing swingers enjoy the scene, but in the meantime considering we offer FREE basic membership why not just join up and log into the forums section and start reading posting and advice placed by members

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