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Hi fellow soft swingers, I can say that now as I now know what it means LOL - for sometime my wife & I have been thinking about trying out wife swapping after watching the TV program but I know for sure my wife wouldn't be happy about watching me fuck another women let alone a guy fucking her so the idea of swinging whilst a nice fantasy was all that it was

Until we found out about soft swaps and that some people whilst they felt the same as us still liked to have some fun with other couples just not the full sex or to put it correctly penetrative sex, so after finding about this we joined a swingers site and started checking out what was on offer !!!

I was really surprised the amount of couples that were into soft swingers and it didn't take us long before we had posted our own ad and sent a few messages out to members, so sat back and watched a porn movie and waited and waited but like most men patience inst a strong point of mine so logged back on only 2 hours after sending the message and we already had two replies!

The first wasn't right as it was from a single guy !!!! like what a frigging idiot even after I said NO SINGLE MEN in the ad but other couple lived just down the road from us and sounded like a really nice couple so sent a reply back and over the next few days we chatted at first by email then phone & agreed to meet and see how things work out.




After chatting for so long we decide to invite them to our house & sorted a time and day making sure we had some good porn just to get the mood going and hopefully it would break the ice plus as we were both nervous it would help as we really weren't sure how this soft swapping would work out, after all we'd read loads a stuff about it online and we knew what we expected from the meet but it still was the first time !

The door bell went and I opened the door, inviting Kevin & Julie in, the photos of julie really didn't do her justice as she was extremely sexy & from a guys viewpoint Kevin wasn't back looking and I could tell from the way Sam ( my wife ) was looking at Kevin that she approved, we all sat down and started drinking which helped with our nerves a lot and soon made us feel a bit relaxed, that and the porn movie that was playing in the background LOL

Sam sat next to Kevin and it didn't take long before he put his hand on her long and being a randy little tart she opened her legs almost inviting him to move his hand further up which he did and from the look on her face seemed to be enjoying what he was doing with his fingers, which was all the encouragement I need to move over towards Julie and she just opened her legs, put her hand up her skirt and pulled her knickers off!!

This was all I need to get onto my knees and get between her legs and have some fresh new fanny! it was odd but i'd not licked another women for over 10 years and the idea that my head was buried between some other women's thighs while my own wife was getting finger fucked by another guy was suck a massive turn on

I soon had Julie exactly where I wanted her and was making her cum with my tong, so much so that she pulled my head up telling me to sit on the sofa so she could return the complement and within a few sections my pants were off and I had Julie mouth around my dick sucking for all it was worth

Not wanting to feel left out Kevin got my wife doing the same and we were both sat their getting our heads polished!! - watching my wife sucking Kevin's cock was such a massive turn on so much so that I knew I couldn't watch it for long as I'd end up coming in julies mouth and that I wanted to save that for my wife and from looking at her she knew exactly what was going though my mind so stopped sucking Kevin off and moved over to me

She lowered herself down onto my cock and started fucking me and Julie and Kevin by now where on the floor fucking, and we were both so keen on watching them just got on and fucked like crazy till we all came

That was our first meet, since then we've met up again and whilst we've not done anything other than oral I think more is maybe on the cards, plus we've had loads of other replies from other couples keen to meet and soft swap with us, but one thing we enjoy about the site is just chatting with others and reading what members say in the chatroom's & blogs so if you've not tried give it a go you won't regret it

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