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Want to read dogging stories posted by couples?

When it comes to reading dogging stories you really can't find a better resource of information both on what the UK dogging scene is really about and second what happens at the dogging sites.

Whilst theres loads of dogging website's if you want to get a low down then theres only one group of people you need to be contacting and reading there dogging stories thats the couples the REALY do use these outdoor locations around the UK

Within the members section members can either post stories within forums or member blogs and can be either real life dogging events or fictional dogging fantasies and whats even better to access this section its you could be reading loads of dogging stories without even having to pay.

But whats even better about reading members stories, is directly from the story you can access there profile, dogging photos & contacts details along with any other dogging related information they have posted such as locations within there message board

So not only can you access great real life dogging stories, but even better arrange to meet with the contact as well at some outdoor location - Posted below are a few recently posted members dogging photos along with a couple of sample stories, but as membership is FREE why not join us anyway .....

new added dogging photos ......join for FREE today

Sample dogging stories ........loads more inside the members section:-

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