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  • The Best Of Cuckold Fantasies 2 - If you've not seen any of the Roman Video DVDS then this is a great chance to play catch up on some past titles. Although a word of warning after watching this video you WILL want to try the others out and these movies are pure class within the cuckoldry lifestyle and show the softer side about husbands watching their wives getting fucked by other males - more
  • Forced Bi Cuckolds 4 - so the question is your wife says that if you every want to fuck her again not only will you have to let other guys fuck her whilst you watch but you'll also be expected to get involved by sucking their cuck and doing cuckold clean up duties. So do you join in or say no thanks? well all of those cuckolds get involved and Kick Ass Pictures show us what life is like as a submissive cuckold husband - more
  • Grip And Cram Johnson's Cuckold 6 - Grip & Johnson one of the best names within the cuckold genre offer us another insiders view into cuckoldry but with a twist.These wives aren't interested in just fucking any guys they want BLACK swingers or should I say bulls inside them and they are not interested in sharing these males so you just have one job to sit back and enjoy the show. Although some of these wives do like to humiliate the poor hubbies when making reference to their small cocks, mind you some of them are VERY small dick guys and desire the humiliation of not only watching a VWE black male fucking them but both of them laughing at the cuckold husband small cock - more
  • Cuckold Fag Boyz - Every streamed a Babs Video? in that case your in for a treat well that is if you like amateur porn and babs and her submissive husband make some great amateur cuckold videos. I've long been a fan of them as you really feel as those your are waiting someone's home vid its that basic & I'm sure they don't bother with stands or lights! but what they do have a collection of dominant males that like to fuck babs along with her sub husbands, although more often then not he's doing clean up cum eating cuckold. If your looking for a polished porn production then don't watch this video, but if your looking for original porn then a great porn video - more

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