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Looking to meet with UK & Europe Naturist swingers? in that case we can help you as the growing band of swingers that have no concerns about stripping off and playing either at private venues, naturism clubs & nudist beaches.

Whilst for many hardcore Naturists they will say they never swing or have casual sex our swingers both enjoy the swinger lifestyle and combine that with there love to strip off and be in the nude!

What makes Real Swingers so much better than other UK swingers sites, we are FREE !

It's a common misapprehension that swingers are also naturists in fact this couldn't be further from the truth and in fact if you've ever attended a swinger party you'll know that a lot of the people are "shock" walking around clothed and the other misapprehension is naturism is about swinging, again WRONG and in fact many naturists will get very upset if you ask them about the swinging scene

  • So where does swinging naturism come into play, well these are members that prefer nudity over being dressed and whilst many naturists just enjoy the freedom of being nude, swingers also enjoy the fact that the can "touch" as well, something that if you every did in some nudist private members club would get you throw off the grounds

    Swinging naturists have taken that one extra step forward with not only the total freedom of nudity but being able to enjoy complete sexual freedom and naturist swingers are proud of their bodies and enjoy being in the company of others and when you consider what better way to spend your time nude and in the company of other sexually liberated adult


One thing you won't find is any of the UK naturist clubs holding swinging events as these tend to be more private events that other naturist swingers have set up and this is where having a strong network of members and other that enjoy the feeling of nudity comes into play

With thousands of members it and using the search feature we offer it won't take you long before you are viewing profiles that have been submitting by other nudist swingers and with the growing amount of european holiday locations offering naturism swinging holidays you can be sure it won't take you long before your meeting with other nudist swingers from the UK & Europe

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want to have some fun in the nude, join us and start meeting with loads of other nudist swingers from the UK & Europe

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