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Let me first say that this is probably not like most mature swingers stories as as of yet we've still not meet up as we only joined a few days ago, but I wanted to write in so other mature couples would join in as we thought we were too old to swing but how wrong were we!!

We've been married for 30 years and we are both in our 50's and really have not had many sexual partners as we were childhood sweetheart so to speak and since being married neither of us have play away so to speak!

We started talking about this some time ago really after watching the Channel 4 Wife Swap program although at first it was just chatting about swapping partners in a similar way, but then one night after a few drinks we got chatting more about swapping sexual partners as well. I have to say when my wife first said about it I was shocked but not surprised as I know our sex life had gone a bit stale and it was really quick shags before going to sleep and I know she wanted more from looking at the way she reacted when watching anything erotic on the TV and I certainly wanted more!!!




So one night after a few drinks we hit the internet and started looking around at various sex contacts & swingers type sites and finally settled on one that seemed to have a large selection of members and even better loads of contacts around our ages! The hard part came when trying to work out what to say! after all we had really never had sex with anyone else let alone done something while our partners were watching, so we looked around a bit more and started reading about "Soft Swaps or Swapping" which did sound a lot better than going all the way least until we were happy going further

So in our profile we posted that we were a mature couple and complete newbies at swapping & swinging and were looking for non pushy contacts and would prefer soft swaps least until we were happy. We really weren't sure what type of response we would get as to be honest the ad really looked lame considering some of the other ads we looked at, but that was us and we weren't going to change that

We life it a few days and logged back onto the site and to our surprise had a reply from another couple that almost sounded as nervous as us, they also were classed as mature swingers and wanted to meet up and suggested maybe going for a drink and then perhaps back to our to watch some porn movies and then if things worked out some light playing

This sounded right up our street and we have arranged to meet them next month and I'll send you a email with the details afterwards and hopefully tell you how good the night was. But it does go to show your never to old swing, and that's coming from a mature swingers that still got to swing yet LOL

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If your thinking about trying swinging then why not hit the join button and check out the contacts we have that are looking for swingers from all ages, and remember you'll never too old to swing!

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