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FRee? nothing is for FREE! - WRONG, we offer Free Swingers contacts!

Free swingers come and get them ;o) I'm sure like many of us you've seen swingers ads or real swinging contacts and to get you to sign up they talk about all the great free services you get, the problem is once a member these services seem to just vanish - well not at REAL SWINGERS!

We offer both FREE MEMBERSHIPS and paid and most of our members first sign up as a free member just to see what the swingers site has to offer then move over to a paid member if they want to use all the great additional features, but in any chase just check out what REAL SWINGERS does offer for free.

Just check out some of the great features we offer our swingers:

  • Photo Profiles - As a member you can view as many of the swingers photos as you like and with over 900,000 that should keep you busy for a while & these are all from profiles and like-minded adults!
  • Video Profiles - Record and upload your own video - we are the only UK swingers website that allows you to record a video profile
  • Free Messaging - Want to drop a note to another member, then we offer free instant messaging between swingers, you can now get email alerts on your PC.
  • Enhanced Search - The best way to track down local swingers, by using the enhanced search feature you can search right down to the town your living in or wherever you want to find real swingers.
  • Personal Preferences - Great if you're only interested in hearing from certain types of swinging contacts, so if your looking for couples only tick the box and thats the only messages you'll get, all 'non matches' will automatically be forwarded to your 'non matches' box.
  • Friends Network - A great way to keep track and let other members know about your real swingers friends network - plus by having a group of friends other swingers will know you are an active member.
  • Chat Rooms - As the swingers chatroom is for members only, either free or paid, you'll know you are not going to get idiots using it & within the chatroom you can also set your own customisation preferences.
  • Forums - Looking for more information on dogging, swingers clubs & really anything to do with the swingers lifestlye? Then check out our swingers blogs, it's a mindfield of information!
  • Blogs - Create a blog and post anything you like from swingers stories to information for other swingers - this is a great way to let others know what you are up to.
  • Flirt - Everyone loves to flirt and swingers are the best at it - although having looked at some of mine recently I'll have to change my profile - but flirting is a great way to drop a member a quick note.

As a premium member you have loads of other additional benefits, including enchanced searching, video chatrooms, live webcam feeds plus loads of other great services but as we said start free then move up, at least that way you'll find out if this real swingers website is for you or not...

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