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My husband and I had never heard about "doggin" so when in conversation with friends this came up we listen with great interest .........lucky for us the local doggin area was only a short drive from home.

We left the others to go on our way, instead of going home we went to the "picnic place"(doggin site). Nervously we sat in the car, 1oldish guy approached us,"hi you two wanna do some action for me" I said we were new and he went on to explain what normally happens.

Slowly I unzipped Daz's (my hubby) jeans, pulled his semi-hard cock out and started to give him a BJ, within seconds the car was surrounded by doggers.

Moments passed with me sucking hard and Daz pulling my skirt up from behind so these guys could look at my ass/pussy,I was getting very horny at the thought of being watched and by now touched by strangers.

"shall I open your window hun so they can feel your hot wet cunt" Daz asked.Of course I said yes.


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One by one the strangers took in turns to finger my pussy, pushing in and out, flicking my clit and some wanking as they watched me enjoy the attention and suck my mans hard throbbing tool..

As you can imagine I was now gagging for some cock/cocks .I opened the car door sat on the bonnet Daz slid my skirt down to feet for me to step out off and lifted my T-shirt over my head, standing completely naked in front of all these males ( about 12 to start with) was so awesome, one of them started to suck on my left nipple then another on the other side,I felt my legs being spread and a guy stuck his fingers in my cunt.........

Feeling around me I grabbed a hard cock stroked it and fondled the owners balls......."turn over so we can line up and give you a serious fucking" I obeyed and with my pussy wet and moist I took cock after cock after cock, New doggers were replacing the ones that had cum, My slutty cunt was fucked, fingered ,licked my face and body covered in pints of man cream.

Now we are regular doggers and I am a favourite whore to many of the guys.

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