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Peeping Husband watches wife
Husband spies on wife fucking another guy

I’d finished work early so thought I’d head home to give the wife a treat, little did I know I was going to get a treat!  - A bit about my wife she’s ummm sex mad she just cant get enough and recently we were even looking at joining a West Midlands swingers club, or swingers websites, but in the end could make out minds up

So getting home opened the door to house being very quite all bar some sounds from upstairs, walking up as I’ve found my wife in the past naked and fucking herself silly with vibrator so didn’t know if I was going to get another treat – SHOCK more like it when I opened the door!

Well when I say opened I started to open it and saw my wife on her knees sucking off this guys cock! Pulling the door close a bit I watched how first she teased and licked his cock then sucked him all the way back so that he could fuck her mouth

She was sucking hard when he pulled away telling her to strip off which she did straight away and standing there naked he walked towards her and pushed two fingers straight inside her pussy

He pulled his fingers out and offered them to my wife and he sucked them clean and pushing her head back down she carried on sucking his cock but this time he was really fucking her head hard and she was struggling not to gag as his cock.

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I watched as he fucked her thrusting his cock till her came into her mouth and pulling back sprayed more cum over her face and being a cum greedy cow swallowed and licked every drop up, I was expecting that to be it but she started teasing and pleasing his cock back life

Once hard she laid on the bed and opened her legs and he got on top of as he fucked her hard and fast!! – Seeing my wife getting fucked by another guy was extremely horny and I was rock hard and ready to take over but wanted to wait

Eventually he came inside her and got dressed and left and during this time I went into another bedroom, once he’d gone wife came upstairs and walked straight into the room where I was “ did you enjoy watching me getting fucked by another guy” ?

To which my response was yes, we’ve now joined a cuckold site and I’m looking forward to watching her a lot more!

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