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I’ve been asking my husband “jim” for years about letting me put a little sex show on for him, you see we’ve been swingers for years but have always played as a couple and whilst it’s a great I know when guys have been fucking me he’s been keeping an eye on whats been going on, then one day I was reading this members swingers blog and he posted about being a cuckold husband and how he loved watching his wife getting fucked by guys!! So I had to do some digging into this cuckold thing
I must admit whilst we’d been swinging for a long time the term cuckolding or cuckold is something I’d never come across I suppose as most of our swaps were couples, and with it such a tiny genre/contact thought I’d struggle to find contacts – how wrong was I !!!!! as once I started searching the members profiles I found loads in fact thousands of cuckold ads from couples, wives, husbands and guys (that I now known are called “bulls”). 


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So one day, “Jim do you wanna watch me get fucked by a guy while you watch.  Are you game?”“ too fucking right hun, was his reply. How would we do this you want me to hide so you could play the part of the horny housewife wanting to fuck guys while the old man wasn’t around? And I could hide in the wardrobe while they have fun with you.”

So, we went onto our swingers profile and added another but this time this ad was MINE and to say I let my imagination go wild would be an understatement as I posted about needing a guy or maybe even guys to fuck me, but as I knew more about cuckoldry now than my husband put in the ad that he would be watching guys fuck so I placed an ad online within the cuckold section. 

Within days, we’d had some replies and one reply from this guy that had 2 friends as well that wanted to “cum” round needless to say the idea of my little cuckold watching 3 guys fuck me at once made him  lets say some what excited!!! And as he had a rock hard erection I of course had to suck him off, which is something adore.

We send a message to the guys and arrangements were made to meet up and as the guys all “claimed” to be VWE new this was going to be some wild night !! and they were all happy about watching in fact they’d done this a few times and loved meeting up with cuckold couples and couldn’t wait to meet up and fuck me which just the thought of this made me wet with excitement.

We were lucky that we have a MASSIVE bed and had in the past had 4 on it so I knew we would all easily fit.  When they turned up I really didn’t care about their names it was their bodies I wanted and as they looked like could modeled for a fitness ad knew I was going to get the fuck of my life and when we got onto the bed I felt like I’d gone to heaven when they dropped their pants and looked at all those hard cocks and at once started sucking them off and from the way my cuckold was looking over knew he was enjoying this just as much

But to say I was quickly distracted as one of the guys made me wet his finger before shoving it into my ass which was all I needed to go fucking crazy.  It felt so good going in and I knew I was going to get good anal seeing to from these guys as well and we soon all had a rhythm going between my sucking cocks and my getting royally FUCKED.  It was so bad I didn’t have a clue who I was sucking or who was fucking me and my poor old cuckold was now completely forgotten about but I knew he would be watching and probably knowing him wanking by.  By now I was being stretched, and fucked into oblivion and this WAS the best fuck of my life as balls and cock hitting the back of my month &  huge cock was fucking me silly

But then I began to taste that sweet taste of cum so sucked harder so I made sure every drop got down my throat and as he came fully at first I struggled to keep it all in, as I gagged a little but like a cock hungry wife got every drop & more cum was finding its way down my cunt as I felt his cock squirt cum into me while the other guy came into my ass slapping my ass with his balls, after a while the guys left and jim carried on fucking me, needless to say my cuckold husband & I now have regular meets with

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