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We are still newbie's to the swinging scene but one thing I'm known for a long time is that I really want to watch my wife getting fucked by other guys and so far I've not done anything about, well that was until recently after joining up to a swingers website

We'd talking about it for ages and as my LOVES sex she didn't take much convincing to give it a try so after looking around a few sites settled on this site and after posting out profile with a few photos started looking around

It didn't take long before we found the forums section and dogging posting and was surprised ( really don't know why) when we saw a posting from a guy that lives close to us in worksop and was talking about a dogging location we'd heard about but never tried by Clumber Park on the A614 that was just down road from us so we replied to him and waited to hear

It didn't take long before we got a reply and after a few emails arranged to meet at Clumber Park. I told him that I wanted to watch him cum over my wife's tits or down her throat and she would wank or suck him off and thats all he needed to know

We sorted out what cars we were driving and arrange to meet up around 10ish for some cock sucking cuckold fun with me and my camera ready to get some action


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We drove into the car park and it was dead quite with no one around and then after parking up he drove in and parked alongside us and got out of his car.

My wife opened her door and he walked up and soon noticed that she was sat on the edge of the car seat with no knickers on and a well shaven cunt and looking towards him she asked if he wanted to lick her clit, with that he kneeled down and started playing with her whilst I was taking photos, I could see she was loving every bit and knew she was also on the edge of cumming so made sure I got some very close up photos of him licking her

He then stood up and getting out his cock she pulled him towards her and started sucking him off, as he was fucking her face hard she was gagging a bit but as I knew she loved that didn't stop him

It didn't take him long before he came into her mouth and like a good little women she swallowed the lot sucking on his dick till he couldn't handle anymore and pulling back she licked her lips with a big smile on her face

We arranged to meet him him again but this time he brought some friends along, but thats another story as this time she got fucked over the bonnet and had the pleasure of getting fucking and taking loads in both ends, which has now turned her into a total cum slut and wanting MORE

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