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Husband try's with wife's knickers on for the first time


I live in Southampton and I had to drop you a line after I join this contacts site and meet up with my first ever crossdressing contact from Portsmouth.

whenever I look at my wife underdressed I always get aroused now you’d probably say so I should! But I realised recently it wasn't’t so much her naked body more her knickers she was wearing and seeing her silk knickers stretched across her body would almost give me an instant hard on

so one day a few months back while she was out I went upstairs and stripped off completely naked and looked through her knickers and found a full bum black silk ones that I love to see on her.

I sat on the bed and slowly pulled them up my legs and the feeling of silk against my legs as I pulled them on almost made me cum on the spot! But I carried on and eventually got them fully pulled up and I looked FUCKING AMAZING and the urge to rub my cock under the silk knickers was so strong that I laid back on the bed and slowly just lightly moving my hand over the top of her knickers with enough pressure soon had me Cumming inside her knickers!! And it had to be the best ejaculation I’d had in fucking years LOL.




My problem of cause now was getting all the cum off her knickers so I just pulled them down still rubbing the silk against my legs and almost giving me a second hard on, which is something that has happened to me in a long time.

I took them fully off and went downstairs and rinsed  them out and managed to dry them out before my wife got home and little did she know that he husband had been wearing her knickers and shot his bolt (with great ease) in them!!

I knew then that I had to find others and whilst I’m not gay the idea of having sex with another guy is something that has always interested so I suppose you could say I’m bi curious but also bi VERY FUCKING NEVOIUS !!! so late one night I decided to do something about it !!!

I looked around a few sites and found one that offered contacts for knicker lovers  or crossdressers although I’m NOT into dressing up as a women its really just the idea of wearing their underwear that turns me on (so much the little guy is waking up as I type this ) so I completed the membership and signed up.

Within a few days of posting my ad I had a few contacts drop me a line and most seemed way to pushy for me and it seemed like all they wanted was to meet up put some sexy knickers on and FUCK and that’s just not me, for fucks sake I’ve never sucked a guys cock let alone had one fuck me !!! but then this guy from Portsmouth drop me a note and as I live in Southampton was pretty close and for once he seemed more, lets say my type!  

We chatted via email for a bit then arranged to meet up in a bar in Fareham and as the night came I was shitting myself and had given the wife a story line that I had to work and she was OK and I was just glad she could see the under my trousers was her sexy little silk knickers that was giving me such a hard on I’m amazed she didn’t see it !!!

Once at the pub I saw Dave ( that’s his name BTW) and we chatted and he told me that he’d also only had just started wearing his wife’s knickers and whilst he WAS bisexual had not had sex yet with another cross dresser, so I in a way this made me feel a little more at ease and Dave was so laid back I didn’t feel as though I was under any pressure.

After we chatted we went our separate ways and we are meeting again next week, which hopefully will include some mural masturbation as after talking with him I know now that I’m far more bi-curious than I’d ever considered

I’ll let you know how things work out     

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