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Official - CDs use charity shops!!
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Well it takes something like the BBC to report the bleeding obvious doesn't it! A charity shop in Leeds is now having opening evenings for just cross dressing men according to an article on the BBC website.

These evenings will be for "gals only" to use the shop, which I have to say is a great idea - so long as its marketed correctly, after all you don't want to put up a big sign in the shop window saying CrossDressers visit us on Tuesday nights to buy your gear do you, so it would be interesting to hear from the shops how they are going to market it.

As "Oxtran" (old name for Oxfam) shop has already opened its doors for transsexuals and transvestites, it really makes you wonder how many other shops across the UK will offer something similar - so far the "Oxtran group" is holding these CD open nights once a month, but I understand a lot more are to follow.

As I understand it these evenings are only being held in Leeds which I have to say is really sad for other Crossdressers around the UK as surly these could be arranged more locally! After all a lot of the oversized women's clothing do seem to get turned away and if these shops were to work on something similar they could offer trannies a great place to buy clothing & meet up with others in a safe environment.

I would love to able to post here a list of shops and their open evenings, so if any transvestites, transsexuals or crossdressers would like to send details in I'll put them up.

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