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One day after coming home from work my husband told me he’d invieted some friends round for a drink and not thinking any more about it we sat down after eating our evening meal and put some porn on. It was a swingers movie that my husband had borrowed from a mate as he told us it was really good and like most had heard about swinging so was curious to see the video.

It was getting really interesting with this black swinger was fucking this women while the husband was wanking and watching and I could see from the look in my husbands eyes that he’d love to watch and needless to say having some black meat fucking me would get me weak at the knees, just as it was getting really interesting the door went and we suddenly remembered that my husbands friends were coming round so I went to the door leaving my husband to turn the DVD off

I opened the door to see this 6ft plus pure black meat standing their with what I assumed was his wife, so invited them in to find my CRAP husband still trying to find the remote to turn the DVD off. The embarrassment across my face must have stood out as Carl (my husbands black friend) said not to worry and they had seen that swingers dvd and it was a good one

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After a few drinks my husband asked me to give him a hand in the kitchen and it was their that he told me that Carl said to him when they were chatting if we were swingers as they were and wanted to know if we were up for some fun !!! This was all the engorgement I needed and the drink helped so I walked back into the front room straight up to Carl and kissed him hard with this his wife (sue) stood up and walked over to my husband and started taking his clothes off and considering the size of her tits new my husband would be in heaven as they were MASSIVE and considering how hard her nipples were knew she was well worked up and ready to play

I pulled Carl trousers off and out came this huge black cock that all I could do at first was hold and look at he then told me to open my mouth and start fucking my mouth that was making me gag but I really didn’t give a fuck by now as Sue was now pulling my knickers off and was amazed to see her face already covered in my husbands cum!!!!

With this she pulls my legs apart and with her fingers opens my cunt wide and shoves her tongue deep inside that make me cum on the spot and looking over at my husband could see he was just standing their looking at his wife laying on the floor with a black guy straddling his wife and sucking a black cock and Carls wife licking my cunt and almost making me cum.

Carl then moves between my legs and skinks he cock all the way straight into my soaking wet cunt. With him pushing his cock deep into me I was cumming so hard the neighbours must have heard what was going on but I really didn’t give a fuck and from the way my cuckold husband was smiling knew he was enjoying it, it was then that Carl shot his load deep inside me and slowly pulling his cock out Sue got between my legs and sucked and licked every drop of cum from my cunt

Needless to say we’ve arranged to meet up with Sue & Carl again and we’ve also bought a cuckold DVD along with joining a swingers website and are now looking for more black swingers & cuckold contacts

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