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First let me say I'm no author in fact I'm pretty shit this but I want to tell others that if your a bimale looking for sex its actually not that hard to find local contacts and you don't have to keep risking the local cottaging locations if you want sex !!

I live in Gosport in Hampshire and to say the gay scene round here is dead would be an understatement in fact we don't have a single bar that caters towards gay or bisexual guys, mind you to be honest even if their was one I don't think I would be able to use it in fear that someone I know would see me walking in, so for a long time I've been using the local cottaging locations around Gosport, which theirs a few but like dogging its risky even more so if your looking for guys.

So its really just been sucking guys off in local loo's while keeping one eye on the door which I know a gay contacts get of on that but it just scares the shit out of me, although as they say needs must !!! But a few weeks back I was looking around Google searching for some bits when I stubble across this sex contacts & swingers site and thought fuck it why not after all you can't take ya cash with you LOL

After I joined up I logged into my profile and fuck that was really hard work working out what to say, after all I was a biguy looking for some cock action from either bi or gay guys but with a place to use, so that's all I put LOL then used my really naff phone camera to place a couple of photos of the old bod into my profile making sure my face wasn't showing !!!



I'd been away for a few days so thought I'd log in and check my mail and was amazed to have 2 replies one from some biguy in southampton and another from Fareham gay guy that wanted to meet up!!! at first I was really worried about replying to him but he then replied saying he was going to be online tonight at 7 and we could chat in the chatroom so I thought fuck it why not after all that's why I paid my membership

I lodged in and found the chatroom and sure as fate he was lodged in, we set up a private room and chatted for ages about likes & dislikes and I really got to know the guy so we swapped mobile numbers and then the phone went !!! shit I really crapped myself LOL

We arranged to meet up at a pub in Fareham and have a drink to further get to know each other but I didn't plan for was sucking him off in the car!! anyway's I got their saw him sat in the corner and we chatted for a while and Dave ( that was name ) asked if I wanted to come back to his place and like a shot I agreed as I knew that bulge in his pants was for me and I had one just as fat wanting attention from his mouth

I got into his car and as he was parked right at the back of the car park and it was pretty dark I reached over and felt his cock, with this he unzipped his fly and I put my hand into his pants and pulled out this great fucking cock that I had to move down and suck on, after a short while I could tastes Dave's pre cum so he pulled my head back and told me to wait till we got home

It didn't take long to get to his place and once in we moved into his front room and dave took his trousers off and sat down so I moved between his legs and start playing with his cock and that very soon was out and being pushed right down my throat!! I did gag a bit as I was that experienced at sucking guys off but that didn't seem to worry Dave as he was by now fucking my mouth and in a short while came, it was so much I nearly choked as it hit the back of my throat but I didn't waste a drop

Then it was my turn as Dave pulled my shorts down and gave me one of the best blowjobs I'd had in ages!!! fuck this guy could suck cock and needless to say it didn't take me long before I came and he took the load straight down.

We chatted for a while afterwards then he drove me back to my car and we've agreed to meet next week for some more fun

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